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UK Valentines for 2006

UK Valentines 2006
14 February
Here's the UK-specific Valentines community for 2006. I'm sure you all know how it works:

* Put the username of the person your message is for in the comment title - if the thread gets busy and goes into title-only mode, this will help them find it! (just the username, not <lj user="username"> because that doesn't work in comment titles)

* Nasty messages will be deleted on sight. If you spot one before I do, post a link to it in the feedback thread please.

* Please don't post comments for everybody on your entire friends list unless you really want to go out with and/or sleep with everybody on your entire friends list. If you just want to tell each of them that they're a wonderful person, why not post it in your own journal where they'll definitely see it?

* Be nice, and have fun!

Please link to this journal from your own and help spread the love! :-)

You can use this tool to help you search the posts here (and in the worldwide community): http://www.fluffhouse.org.uk/ixwin/valentine.html

Note: please don't add this journal to your friends list - there won't be any new posts made to it, just replies to the existing posts, so there's no point. Also, friending it will allow a random anonymous person (i.e. me) to read your friends-only posts, which you may not want me to be able to do.

Icons by Maureen Lycaon, found on http://www.leopard.net/~fodessa/lj_icons/holiday/valentine/